The Nice Guys Movie Review: A Very Entertaining Action-Comedy That You Should Not Miss!

Filed under , , by Mario Bautista on May 31, 2016


SET IN Los Angeles in 1977, “The Nice Guys” is a buddy action-comedy from Shane Black, who wrote the hit “Lethal Weapon” of Mel Gibson and also wrote and directed “Iron Man 3”. It stars Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe as unlikely buddies who become sparring partners out on a mission.

Ryan Gosling is Holland March, a private eye who’s hired by Mrs. Glenn (Lois Smith) on a case involving a well known porn star named Misty Mountains (Muriello Tello). Misty had a much publicized suicide when her car crashes into the house of a young man. Her dying words are “How do you like my car, big boy? But Mrs. Glenn, Misty’s aunt, claims to have seen her niece still alive two days after her alleged death. Ryan doubts this but accepts the job as he’s desperate for work.