Lights Out Movie Review: Banking On Our Fear Of The Dark

Filed under , , by Mario Bautista on Jul 27, 2016


“LIGHTS OUT” capitalizes on our fear of the dark. Director James Wan of "The Conjuring" is given much credit for it but it turns out he’s only one of the producers. It’s Director David Sandberg who first did this as short film in 2013. We saw it on youtube and, honestly, we did not at all find it scary. But then, he is now given the green light to develop it as a full length film and it’s currently showing in our theaters.

The movie’s opening sequence is what we saw exactly in the original short film. A woman is closing up shop and when she turns off the light, she sees the shadow of a dark figure by the doorway. She then switches the light on and there’s no dark figure. She turns it off again and the figure is still there. She does this repeatedly and the figure is there each time the lights are out. This works as the tension builds up as we watch it.