Amalia Fuentes & Albert Martinez' Family Should Reconcile This Lenten Season For The Peaceful Repose Of Liezl's Soul

Filed under , , , by Mario Bautista on Mar 27, 2015


IN THE SPIRIT OF the Lenten Season, we hope Amalia Fuentes will be less combative with the bereaved husband and children of her late daughter, Liezl Sumilang Martinez. Liezl and Albert Martinez' eldest daughter, Alyanna, posted in social media that the public should not believe everything being said against their family after Amalia had herself interviewed on TV and assailed them for allegedly excluding her in the eulogy for Liezl before her cremation.

That obviously got Amalia's goat and she is now spewing venom against Alyanna, saying that Alyanna's decision to live in with her boyfriend was one of the reasons why Liezl got more stressed and finally perished. She added that Alyanna doesn't know how to be grateful to her when she's the one who spent for her delivery nearly 30 years ago, amounting to $4,000. She even said that she wants that amount to be returned to her by Alyanna.