Joyce Ching Died But Comes Back To Life This Week In GMA -7's Hit 'Strawberry Lane'

Filed under , by Mario Bautista on Nov 25, 2014


JOYCE CHING’s character, Dorinna, the daughter of Sunshine Dizon as Elaine, was killed in “Strawberry Lane” some weeks ago. A lot of viewers were surprised with a major character dying right away when the series just started. “But heto po, bumabalik na uli ako,” says Joyce. “Alam nyo naman sa soap, kahit mga taong akala nyo, namatay na, puede pa ring magbalik.”

This week, Joyce does return to the show but no longer as Dorinna, but as a new character, Amelia. Sunshine really thought it’s her late daughter. Even Kim Rodriguez as Jack and Joanna Marie Tan as Lupe are shocked when they see her. They thought they’re seeing Dorinna’s ghost. Sunshine asks Joyce to live with her but her evil sister Sheryl Cruz as Monique is against the idea. Sheryl is not aware that her scheming husband, Jay Manalo as Christopher, is secretly planning to steal their family’s riches and transfer them to his name. As for Bea Binene as Clarissa, she is also surprised that the woman she thought is the other woman of her dad, TJ Trinidad, is actually her real mom, Tanya Garcia as Myrna.