Carla Abellana Calls On All Voters To Study The Qualifications Of Each Candidate First Before Voting

Filed under , by Mario Bautista on May 5, 2016


CARLA ABELLANA has a timely reminder to all our kababayans who will cast their votes on Monday. “The country’s fate will be in the hands of the leaders who will win in the elections, so please, study the candidates well to know their qualifications, then choose and vote wisely,” says Carla who’s also the featured star in GMA’s “Tunay na Buhay”.

Meantime, in “Because of You”, Carla as Andrea discovers the truth that Jackielou Blanco as Lucille is only pretending that her foot has been injured so Gabby Concepcion as Jaime can carry her. She takes a photo of Lucille on her cellphone but Lucille sees this and grabs it, causing Carla to fall off a cliff. It’s good she’s able to hold on to something and Lucille eventually rescues her. But Carla also discovers that it’s Lucille who stole her wedding to sabotage her wedding to Gabby so she gets so mad. But eventually, they patch things up as Lucille is going back to London.