Katherine Luna denounces Coco Martin for not supporting love child

Filed under , by Admin on May 13, 2010


TV 5's PAPARAZZI is making waves with their scandalous stories last Sunday. Katherine Luna guested live and was on the warpath denouncing Coco Martin for failing to give support to their 5-yeard old daughter. We do remember that in a previous TV interview, Katharine admitted she had a new boyfriend after Coco with whom she also had a child. She also said she doesn't need any help from Coco. Then she had another boyfriend, a foreigner, who she later accused of beating her up. The guy was also interviewed on TV and denounced Katharine for cheating on him even if he treated her two love kids as his own. Obviously, Katharine is really fond of messy relationships. Now that Coco is already a big star at ABS, she's running after him again. She and Coco had an affair when they did "Masahista", but Coco later said he doubted if he's the baby's real dad. How sad for Katharine. She's such a good actress. Too bad her career started on the wrong foot.

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