Paolo Ballesteros cries over daughter

Filed under , by Admin on Aug 30, 2011


‘EAT BULAGA’ HOST Paolo Ballesteros looked pitiful when he was interviewed in “Showbiz Central”. He became emotional and cried when he revealed that he hasn’t seen his two-year old daughter, Kiera, since the maternal grandparents are hiding the baby from him. He said his girlfriend Kaye, the baby’s mom, had to go back to work in Chicago, where the baby was born, so she left the baby under the care of her parents in Baguio.

The problem is every time Paolo and his siblings try to visit her, Kaye’s folks would hide his love child from them. He says Kaye has agreed to give him custody of their baby but her parents continue to hide the child from him. Paolo has already asked the help of the Social Welfare Department since he is the biological dad but his efforts seemed futile so he decided to come out in the open about his problem as a dad who misses his daughter so much.

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