PBB Unlinight's Joseph Biggel and Slater Young winning many fans

Filed under , by Shee on Nov 10, 2011


ONE OF THE most engaging housemates of “PBB UnliNight” is the 19-year old Joseph Biggel, the fisherman-farmer from Marinduque who speaks Tagalog with a very “promdi” accent. He cried during the sharing session with other housemates as he has serious issues with his parents who abandoned him and his sister while they were still kids. He told the other housemates to value their parents since he grew up hungry for the love of his own parents, especially his mom. The sharing session was an eye opener to the housemates who come from well to do families, especially Slater who also cried when he heard the stories of his poor housemates who grew up so deprived, like Eting whose family eats nothing but bananas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In his case, he grew up like a spoiled brat taking for granted what his rich parents in Cebu provide him, like the car he got as a gift after graduation which he complained about since he asked for an even more expensive car.

The slum house of “UnliNight” has earlier sent away Pamu, Paco, Kevin, Jaz, Kim and Seichang who thought they were evicted. It turned out they were just transferred to the more lavish house of “UnliDay”. The original housemates left in UnliNight are Biggel, Slater, Kigoy, Tin, Luz and Carlo. The new housemates who just joined them include Jerico, Joya (who Slater is assigned to woo), Eting, Diane, Tol, Wendy and Casey (our personal favorite who’s given a task to convince the others that she has an anting-anting.

The housemates who transferred to UnliDay are joined by the new housemates Jessica, Lordwin, Lyn, Erika, Unad, Steph, Mark and the disabled Naprey.

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