Jennylyn Mercado Just Ignores People Who Want Her To Break Up With Luis Manzano

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JENNYLYN MERCADO can heave a sigh of relief now that her boyfriend, Luis Manzano himself, has proclaimed that the rumor that they’re not about to break up is simply not true. Both Paolo Contis and Lian Paz have also cleared her name so she doesn’t know why some people continue to implicate her in the separation.

“Masaya yata silang makita na mag-break kami ni Luis, so I just try to ignore it and not let it affect me dahil ang dami kong trabaho ngayon,” she says. “May ‘Inside Protege’ ako gabi-gabi, ‘Hot TV’ and ‘Party P’ on Sundays, then every afternoon, ‘Hindi Ka Na Mag-iisa’, now on its last month this October.”

This week, Jen as Elisa has been transformed to a wealthy and confident businesswoman and offers to buy the hotel of Angelu de Leon as Jordana, who used to maltreat her. Angelu’s daughter, Saab Magalona as Celine, returns from the U.S. looking for husband Sid Lucero as Andrew, who already knew that Saab had previously deceived him. Saab goes to Jen looking for Sid and they have an intense confrontation scene

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